Point Pelee National Park

With 12 km of bike trails and the 9 km roadway, biking is a great way to explore Point Pelee National Park. Trails are well groomed and accessible for most riders. While biking can be done in the park year round, our seasonal trails are open from June to October. 

Where to Bike

Centennial Hike and Bike Trail

Catch a ride on Point Pelee’s topsy-turvy hike and bike trail! This 6 km trail whisks you through different habitats - from marsh to dry forest, past savannah, swamp forest and beach. The Centennial bike trail is a great way to experience the park.

Distance: 6 km

Riders can access the Centennial Hike and Bike Trail from:
  • South of main park gates
  • Orientation Area
  • Northwest Beach
  • South side of Marsh Boardwalk area
  • Most picnic areas

Chinquapin Oak Trail

Explore more! Bike from Delaurier Homestead through Anders Field, Cactus Field and Tilden Woods to the Visitor Centre. Access east beach via Shuster Trail. From April 15 to May 31 yearly, put down your bike and pick up your binoculars and search for birds during spring, as this trail becomes pedestrian only.  


  • DeLaurier Homestead to the Visitor Centre: 2.5 km
  • Shuster Trail: 0.5 km

Trail access from:

  • DeLaurier Homestead and Trail
  • White Pine picnic area
  • Visitor Centre parking area

Tip Road

Take a peaceful ride under the Carolinian Canopy along the Tip Road. When the shuttle is running, vehicle traffic is restricted. Be mindful of the shuttle and walkers along the route. Bike racks are available at the Tip Exhibit Area as the paths are for walking only. 


  • Gateway to Tip Exhibit Area: 8 km
  • Visitor Centre to Tip Exhibit Area: 2 km
  • Tip Exhibit Area to the Tip of Canada: 1 km (walking only)

Rules and Regulations

Share the Trail

  • When you approach a hiker, slow down and make your presence known with a bell or a friendly greeting. 
  • Traffic on biking trails flows in each direction, be courteous to oncoming traffic by leaving enough room for fellow bikers and hikers to pass. 
  • Do not crush vegetation alongside designated biking trails.
  • When accessing the Point, please leave bikes at the Tip exhibit area.


  • Adhere to road traffic laws.
  • Stay on designated biking trails. It is your responsibility to know where you can and cannot legally ride.
  • Helmets are encouraged for adults and the law for those 18 and under in Ontario. 
  • Keep a safe distance between yourself and the Tip shuttle. 

Bike Trail Map

This downloadable map shows the seasonal and year-round bicycle and hiking trails, seasonal birding footpaths, and park roads.

Explore new cycling trails! The cycling experience is even better with the opening of 4 km of new bike trails.

Remember to stay on trail to avoid ticks on you and your furry friends.


Bike Rentals

Bike rentals are available from Pelee Wings at the Marsh Boardwalk. 


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