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Georgian Bay Islands National Park


Fishing along the shores of Georgian Bay is a great way to enjoy and explore the park. A wide variety of fish live in Georgian Bay ranging from small perch to record size muskie.

Fishing is not permitted in any in-land lakes on Beausoleil Island. A provincial Fishing License is required to fish in the waters surrounding Beausoleil Island.

Shoreline at Georgian Bay Islands


Georgian Bay Islands National Park offers a wide variety of picture possibilities for both the avid and amateur photographer. With its diversity of wildlife and scenery, the park is picture perfect!

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Picnic sites are located throughout Georgian Bay Islands National Park. Bone Island has a picnic and dock area. On Beausoleil Island, picnic tables and shelters are available in the Day Use section of the Cedar Spring Campground, Beausoleil Point, and a number of boat docking areas scattered throughout the Island.

Park entry fees apply. Please fill out a permit when using the facilities on the islands.

Visitors are also welcome to picnic at the park's operations base on the mainland in Honey Harbour.


Swimming and beaches can be found along the eastern shores of Beausoleil Island and in a few sheltered bays in the northern section of the Island. The best beaches are at the Cedar Spring Campground and Day Use areas, Wana Keta Picnic and Docking area, Sandpiper, Oaks and Honeymoon Bay Campgrounds. These beaches are not supervised. Protective footwear is recommended as some areas have sharp shell/mussel pieces, stones and weeds. Swimming is possible in many areas of the park, off rock outcrops. Swimmers should use caution as these rock formations are often smooth and can be very slippery when wet.

Dock at Honeymoon Bay Dock at Honeymoon Bay


Geocachers are welcome to Georgian Bay Islands National Park!

Geocaching is a fun, outdoor treasure hunting game. Participants use Global Positioning System (GPS) units to find hidden containers called caches. The caches are hidden in special places in Georgian Bay Islands National Park. When you find the cache, you will discover why that place is so important!

Visit the Geocaching website to plan your next geocaching adventure at Georgian Bay Islands National Park. There you will find the coordinates for all caches placed in the park.

Interested in placing a cache in the park? Please contact us prior to doing so; we’ll help you plan and place it.

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