Quttinirpaaq National Park

With thousands of square kilometres of glaciers and ski-able terrain, the opportunities for ski touring in Quttinirpaaq are almost endless. What Ellesmere Island lacks in powder, it more than makes up for in awe-inspiring routes and countless unclimbed peaks. Although not an appropriate destination for beginners, visitors with strong ski touring, glacier travel, and avalanche safety skills will appreciate the opportunity to be one of the few parties to reach the summit of Barbeau Peak or traverse one of the large ice caps in the park. Spring (April and May) is an excellent time to ski tour in the park due to relatively stable weather, however any party travelling in the park at this time should be totally self-sufficient and prepared to support themselves for several days in the event that a rescue is required.

Glaciers must be treated with respect as they can be dangerous. Only those experienced in glacier travel and crevasse rescue and who have proper equipment should travel on glaciers.

All guides operating in glaciated and/or technical mountain terrain will require full certification with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides or the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association as an alpine, mountain, or ski guide.

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