Auyuittuq National Park

Designation of hazardous activity and mandatory visitor registration

Issued: March 18, 2022

Pursuant to Subsection 6(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, entry into, use of, and travel within Auyuittuq National Park has been designated as hazardous.

Park visitors are required, in person or by telephone, to register prior to entering and to de-register after exiting Auyuittuq National Park.

This order does not apply to Nunavut Inuit exercising the right of access for harvesting as provided in the Nunavut Agreement.

Where: All lands and waters within the boundaries of Auyuittuq National Park. See attached map.

When: Year round

Why: Travel within Auyuittuq National Park can be hazardous. By registering, visitors can ensure that Parks Canada is aware of their travel plans and able to organize rescue in an emergency situation.

Persons contravening this closure may be subject to prosecution under the Canada National Parks Act; maximum fine $100,000. 

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