Wood Buffalo National Park

Closure of Karstland Trail Due to Sinkhole Activity

Issued: June 14, 2021

June 14/2021, Fort Smith NT- A closure order is now in effect for the entirety of the Karstland Trail at the Salt River Day Use Area in Wood Buffalo National Park due to the expansion of a sinkhole adjacent to the trail. The order will remain in place until further notice.

During the weekend, Parks Canada received a report about a sinkhole that had opened up alongside the trail and damaged part of the hiking trail surface. In the interests of public safety, Parks Canada has closed the trail and is assessing the situation.

Wood Buffalo National Park contains some of the most extensive karst landscapes in North America, a geological formation characterized by sinkholes created by water dissolving the porous stone. Extensive sinkholes are a common feature of the park.

The Salt River Day-Use Area remains open, as are adjacent hiking trails such as the Benchmark Creek and Salt River Meadows Trails and the Salt Pan Lake Trail. For additional hiking options in the Wood Buffalo National Park, please visit: www.pc.gc.ca/woodbuffalo


Melissa Zimmer
Visitor Experience Manager
Melissa.zimmer@canada.ca, 867-872-0170

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