Accessing the Park - Private Lands

Tuktut Nogait National Park

rock outcroppings
Rock outcroppings
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Tuktut Nogait National Park is bordered on the north and west by privately-owned Inuvialuit lands. Visitors entering the park overland from the north or the west must cross these lands. Visitors crossing Inuvialuit lands are welcomed by the Inuvialuit, provided that they treat the lands with respect, that there is no damage to the lands, and that they do not interfere with Inuvialuit use and peaceful enjoyment of the lands.

Visitors intending to cross Inuvialuit lands are asked to contact the Inuvialuit Land Administration (ILA) prior to crossing, to learn of any limitations on access, and for visitors' own safety. Visitors planning to fish on Inuvialuit lands must first register with the Paulatuk Hunters and Trappers Committee (PHTC).

The addresses and telephone numbers of these organizations are as follows:

Inuvialuit Land Administration
P.O. Box 290
Tuktuyaktuk, Northwest Territories
X0E 1C0
Tel: (867) 977-2202
Fax: (867) 977-2467

Paulatuk Hunters and Trappers Committee
P.O. Box 39
Paulatuk, Northwest Territories
X0E 1N0
Tel: (867) 580-3004
Fax: (867) 580-3404

Park visitors are reminded to respect Inuvialuit camps located in, and adjacent to the park, and to refrain from interfering with traditional harvesters.

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