The animal sign guide to Nááts’įhch’oh National Park Reserve

Nááts'įhch'oh National Park Reserve

Many wildlife species can be seen in Nááts’įhch’oh National Park Reserve. Animals use different habitats such as alpine tundra, spruce forests, wetlands, and hot springs. These areas offer food, shelter, breeding areas, and rest stops during long migrations. Large, iconic species like caribou, bears, and moose live in the park, but visitors may see others as well.

Most animals in Nááts’įhch’oh rarely encounter people, so they can be shy and often keep their distance from visitors. Some species are also well-camouflaged, nocturnal, or live in very remote areas of the park.

Visitors who are familiar with animal sign – tracks, scat, and other traces – have more opportunities to experience the park’s wildlife. Their observations can also help in avoiding unexpected and potentially unsafe wildlife encounters.

This guide describes some of the most common sign in the park. Bring a copy along with you on your next trip!

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