Sable Island National Park Reserve

For general inquiries:

Sable Island National Park Reserve
Parks Canada
1869 Upper Water Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1S9

Phone: 902 426 1500



Emergency contact numbers if you are on or near Sable Island

On-island Operations Coordinator:

  • Call 902-492-4678 from a regular phone, satellite phone, or by using the phones accessible to visitors on the island
  • Or use Channel 08 on Marine Radio VHF-FM 

For distress call (Air or marine emergency):

  • Near Sable Island: call 1-800-565-1582 (Joint Rescue Coordination Centre)
  • On Sable Island: call 1-800-852-3100 (Parks Canada Dispatch)

For an environmental emergency (marine pollution):

  • 1-800-565-1633 (Canadian Coast Guard Communications and Traffic Services Centre)

In case of an emergency on the island you may be conscripted to assist Parks Canada personnel with a response.

In a first aid situation, you should advise the Operations Coordinator or other Main Station personnel immediately, and administer first aid as required and as you are able.

In case of a structural fire on the island, or upon hearing a fire alarm, there are marked muster points at the Main Station where you should gather and wait in safety until direction from the Operations Coordinator. If you detect a fire, you should sound the fire alarm and evacuate the building and contact the Operations Coordinator.

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