On-island travel

Sable Island National Park Reserve

A well-organized day trip offers visitors the opportunity to experience many of the most compelling aspects of Sable Island National Park Reserve. The area around Main Station has many iconic features within walking distance. You can explore rolling windswept dunes, walk along beaches on both the north and south sides of the island, see wild horses, seals, birds, freshwater ponds, remnants of the island’s history, and experience the isolated nature of being on a remote island in the midst of the North Atlantic.

Be aware that walking on sand for prolonged periods can be more difficult than equivalent distances on hard surfaces or solid terrain. The sandy terrain and wilderness setting can prove challenging to some people. Please be aware of these accessibility issues when planning your visit. Keep in mind that Parks Canada staff will transport you and your gear from the south beach to Main Station if you are arriving by plane.

Vehicle use on Sable Island is currently restricted to activities in support of park administration and to facilitate research. The use of vehicles abides by strict regulations to ensure safe travel, avoid disturbance to wildlife, and minimize impacts on ecological or cultural resources. Vehicles may travel on the hard-packed sand of the beaches, the short stretches of defined roads around Main Station, and on select approved island crossing locations. Vehicles are restricted from driving on vegetation, dune slopes, or sand blowouts. Vehicles must go out of their way to avoid horses, seals, or birds, and travel slowly on all parts of the island.

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