Day-use map of Kejimkujik National Park Seaside

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Use this map to plan your trip to Kejimkujik National Park Seaside. It shows points of interest and facilities and services including: Harbour Rocks hiking trailPort Joli Head hiking trail, parking, washrooms, and a picnic shelter.

Kejimkujik National Park Seaside map


 Picnic shelter


 Gender-specific washrooms


 Hiking trail: Moderate

1 Harbour Rocks Trail

2 Port Joli Head Trail

Piping plover nesting zone

St. Catherines River Beach and Little Port Joli Beach are closed for piping plover nesting from April to August.

Entrance Area

Facilities and services:

  • Parking
  • Gender-specific washrooms
  • Outhouse
  • Picnic shelter

Hiking trails

Harbour Rocks Trail

Trailhead: Begins at the entrance area and ends at the beginning of St. Catherines River Beach.

Length: 2.6 km (one way)

Difficulty: Moderate (Trail ratings guide)

Points of interest:

Facilities and services:

  • Outhouses near Harbour Rocks Beach

More information

Port Joli Head Trail

Trail heads: Two entrances off Harbour Rocks Trail at 1.3 km and 2 km marks. 

Length: 4.75 km (one way)

Difficulty: Moderate (Trail ratings guide)

Accessibility: Part of the trail is a rocky beach walk. This 80 metre section is located near the half way point of the trail, near Head Pond.

Points of interest:

More information

Area shown on the map

Area of Kejimkujik Seaside shown on the map

The southern area of Kejimkujik National Park Seaside is shown on the map.

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