Le Nique nature bookstore

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Inside the nature bookstore
Le Nique

Situated in the Chéticamp visitor centre, Le Nique, Les Amis du Plein Air's nature bookstore, provides a wide variety of field guides and hiking guidebooks, local cultural history books, bird checklists, the park's topographic map and children's books. It also sells a good selection of outdoor clothing and various gift items.

Les Amis du Plein Air is a non-profit association working in co-operation with Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Their goals are to promote outdoor recreational and educational experiences and to be involved in the development and promotion of the park's recreational activities. They are an independent association governed by an elected board of directors from local communities.


Les Amis du Plein Air was first established in 1974 as an outdoor club promoting many kinds of wilderness recreational activities. In 1981, they began their co-operating association with the park, becoming the first national park co-operating association.

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