ʔapsč iik t̓ašii Multi-use Pathway - Timeline (Summer 2017 - 2022)

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

2017 - 2018
2017 - 2018
Summer 2017

Tree felling resumed, moving south from Long Beach, following the migratory bird window for the region.

Fall 2017

Tree felling continued to move south toward Wick Road.


  • Plan for mitigating environmental impacts over winter completed.
  • Amendments to the Detailed Impact Analysis (DIA) began following initial design and scope changes.
Winter 2017-18

Tree felling concluded and clearing efforts moved on to removal of timber.

Design options for bridges, elevated pathway sections, and escarpment were considered.

January to March: 
Amphibian pond winterization and egg mass surveys completed, including exclusion fencing installation.

Full pathway length cleared for construction, with the exception of some riparian areas and the Esowista corner which still require clearing.

Summer 2018

Final design changes confirmed and trailbed construction tender package moves into final design stages.

Final round of DIA updates began for amendment.

Fall 2018

Budget 2016 announced additional $17 M for multi-use pathway project.

Two First Nation Monitor positions created.

Winter 2018

Environmental Monitoring (EM) and trailbed construction tenders posted.

First Nation wood milling contract awarded.


(subject to change)

2019 (subject to change)
Spring 2019

DIA amendment to be completed before construction award.

EM and construction tenders to be awarded.

Two full time First Nation Monitors to be hired.

Cleared wood milling to begin.


Summer 2019

Trailbed construction to begin, along with environmental monitoring. Work to be scheduled to avoid periods of highest risk to fisheries, breeding birds and amphibians.

Consultations with First Nations on visitor experience and restoration to begin.

Fall 2019

Trailbed construction to continue.


(subject to change)

2020-2022 (subject to change)
 2020 Trailbed construction
Installation of clearspan bridges
Installation of 63 amphibian pathway crossings and three amphibian highway crossings
Widening of highway 4 near the airport

Restoration Plan to be finalized.

Fall 2020

Paving to begin in one coordinated effort for entire pathway.

2021 Final touches to be completed on pathway, including pavement markings for pedestrian crossings and trail lanes.
Winter 2021 - 2022 Visitor Experience plan and trail amenities to be implemented, including fences, signs, gates, traffic calming features and barricades to be installed along the pathway.
2022 ʔapsčiik t̓ašii to open officially in 2022.
Post-2022 Active restoration along pathway to occur.

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