Kootenay National Park

Restricted activity order: Trail bicycling

Issued: August 13, 2013

What: Pursuant to Section 7(1) of the General Regulation of the Canada National Parks Act, bicycles and bicycling on trails within Kootenay National Park is prohibited by order of the Superintendent with the exception of the trails listed below.

In addition to the bicycle restriction on trails, bicycles and bicycling OFF TRAIL, and activities associated with building and maintaining trails by unauthorized persons are also PROHIBITED.

Why: Bicycling on trails, bicycling off trails, and building and maintaining trails by unauthorized persons has been determined as inappropriate activity within Kootenay National Park.

Where: Throughout Kootenay National Park

1. Hector Gorge Trail: Between the south trailhead 1.8 km north of Dolly Varden Picnic Area, and the north trailhead 2.0 km north of Kootenay Crossing.

2. West Kootenay Trail: Starts at Kootenay Crossing and ends at the western park boundary.

3. Dolly Varden Trail: Between Kootenay Crossing and the Crooks Meadow Group Campground.

4. East Kootenay Trail: Between Pitts Creek and Daer Creek with access mid-trail at McLeod Meadows Picnic Area via Dog Lake Trail. Biking is not permitted on the Dog Lake Trail.

Original signed by:
Melanie KWONG, Superintendent, Lake Louise, Yoho and Kootenay Field Unit

Date modified :