Kenow Wildfire timeline

Waterton Lakes National Park

  • August 30

    A lightning strike ignites a wildfire on Kenow Mountain in British Columbia, close to the park boundary.

  • September 2

    A small 0.5 hectare spot fire starts inside the western boundary of the park.

  • September 5

    An Evacuation Alert is issued for Waterton Lakes National Park.

  • September 8

    An Evacuation Order is issued for Waterton Lakes National Park.

  • September 9

    Personnel from across Canada, including structural fire crews from regional municipalities, helicopters, fire engines (ladder trucks), water tenders and facility protection resources are in place in the park.

  • September 11

    After holding the Kenow Wildfire on the park's western boundary for eight days, it finally burned into the Cameron Valley in Waterton Lakes National Park late in the afternoon. While exhibiting extreme behaviour, the wildfire burned across the park, exiting Waterton’s northeast boundary into adjacent lands later that night. Throughout the night, firefighters worked tirelessly to protect the Waterton townsite and Prince of Wales hotel within the park.

  • September 12

    Fire suppression continues as the fire is still active.

  • September 19

    The fire is classified as "being held".

  • September 20

    The public is allowed to enter the park after the Evacuation Order is lifted.

  • October 3

    The Kenow Wildfire is classified as "under control" and "being patrolled".

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