'Y-Camp' prescribed fire 2015

Waterton Lakes National Park

Y-Camp prescribed fire


Animated Parks Canada opening.

[Title] April 22, 2015. "Y-Camp" Prescribed Fire. Waterton Lakes National Park.

[Music starts]. No narration.

A wide-angle view of the grasslands in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Timelapse video of the prescribed fire begins, showing the fire starting in the distance and moving across the landscape towards the camera.

[Text] Conserving and restoring grasslands in Waterton Lakes National Park.

[Text] Bringing fire back to the landscape in a controlled way.

[Text] The fire was set from helicopters equipped with aerial ignition devices.

[Text] The burn unit covered 1,000 hectares.

[Text] As the day ended ... the best was yet to come.

[Music fades out].

The picture lapses from day to night and the fire can be seen smouldering beneath starry skies.

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In April 2015, a 1,200-hectare burn unit was ignited in Waterton Lakes National Park.

The purpose of this prescribed fire was to restore native prairie by reducing aspen and evergreen tree expansion onto grasslands. Historic photographs show that fire suppression has allowed trees to encroach on park grasslands, with as much as 30% of grasslands lost over the last 100 years.

Parks Canada’s prescribed fire program is supporting Canada’s National Conservation Plan, making tangible improvements to the environmental health of these special places. This is done by bringing fire back to the landscape under planned circumstances.

This time-lapse video of the "Y-Camp" prescribed fire spans an 18-hour period and is made up from nearly 10,000 still images set in motion.

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