Park management planning

Waterton Lakes National Park

The management plan for Waterton Lakes National Park was tabled in Parliament on August 17, 2022. Reviewed every 10 years, management plans are a requirement of the Canada National Parks Act and guide the management of national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas.

Parks Canada coordinated the development of the management plans for the mountain national parks, each of which contains strategies and identifies a number of objectives and targets under common priority areas, including:

  • Ensuring the protection of natural and cultural resources, ecological integrity, and park landscapes for future generations;
  • Providing exceptional opportunities for Canadians to develop a sense of connection to the natural and cultural heritage of these places;
  • Strengthening Indigenous relations based on a recognition of rights, respect, collaboration, and partnership;
  • Connecting Canadians with these dynamic ecosystems and human stories, nature and history;
  • Managing development and ensuring ecological integrity is the first priority;
  • Contributing to landscape-scale conservation in Canada by being ecologically and socially connected across boundaries; and,
  • Contributing to an understanding of climate change and its impacts over time.

Read the new park management plan 2022 or download a printable PDF [2.1 MB]

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