Waterton Lakes National Park

Notice to anglers: Waterton Lakes National Park

Issued: May 27, 2021

Ends: April 01, 2024

Pursuant to Section 35(1) of the National Parks Fishing Regulations, these supplementary restrictions apply to park waters in Waterton Lakes National Park by order of the Superintendent, Waterton lakes National Park.  Please refer to the National Parks Fishing Regulations for additional regulations.

The following changes to the National Parks Fishing Regulations have been implemented on April 1, 2002*:

FISHING SEASON: The open season is now JULY 1 to OCTOBER 31 for the following:

Alderson Lake
Bertha Lake
Belly River
Carthew Lakes
Crooked Creek
Goat Lake
Lineham Lakes
Lone Lake
Lower Waterton (Knight’s) Lake,
Park Gate Ponds
Twin Lakes
Waterton River (including Dardanelles and Marquis Hole),

All other waters except closed waters


CLOSED WATERS: These waters are closed to angling:

Blakiston Creek
Bauerman Creek
Belly River - North Fork
Sofa Creek
Dungarvan Creek
Maskinonge Lake and inlet



All waters are now closed to fishing using natural bait and chemical attractants.



Cutthroat trout – zero limit for Belly River, Waterton River and their tributaries, and Upper, Middle & Lower Waterton Lakes and Goat Lake*

Bull trout – zero limit, all waters.

*Goat lake is closed to possession by order of the Superintendent, April 01, 2011

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