Scattering cremated remains in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park

Effective January 1, 2020

Many people choose to memorialize a loved one who has passed on by scattering remains in places that have meaning to them. We understand the connection that many people have to our national parks. The beauty of nature can help us celebrate and remember someone lost.

You may scatter cremated remains of a loved one in the park. While a permit is not required, there are some conditions we ask you to follow in order to ensure your experience remains special and personal, and the national park environment is protected.


  • Choose a time that ensures your privacy. Summer is peak season and most park users are out and about during the day. You may find a quieter time is early in the morning or in the evening. There are less people visiting the park in fall, winter, and spring.
  • Choose a location that is not directly on a trail and is approximately 30 metres from day-use areas, roads, campgrounds, and facilities.
  • Please avoid culturally sensitive areas. These are locations in the park that have significance to Indigenous people with ties to park lands, such as Spirit Island, located on Maligne Lake, the Indigenous Cultural Use Area, located near the Sixth Bridge at Maligne Canyon, or ribbon-marked trees.
  • Avoid bodies of water unless you are scattering trace amounts found in tiny keepsake urns. Our rivers and lakes are very sensitive and even small amounts of certain minerals can change the aquatic environment. Remains should not be scattered within 30 metres of a body of water unless it is a trace amount.
  • Leave only the memory of your loved one and their remains. Please do not leave anything else behind at the location you choose. Memorial items like flowers, plants, containers, identification discs or cards should not be left in the natural park environment.
  • In addition to these conditions, all applicable federal and provincial regulations apply in Jasper National Park.

If you are unsure how you will meet the above conditions at the location you have chosen, please obtain written permission by sending an email to Please allow some time for a review to be completed by park administration. In your email, tell us the location where you are planning to scatter the remains, and Parks Canada will provide additional guidance and, if appropriate, a letter of authorization.

Our condolences,

Alan Fehr
Field Unit Superintendent, Jasper National Park

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