Resident business licences for work in Jasper National Park outside the townsite

Jasper National Park

Please allow 10 business days to process your resident business licence.

If you are carrying out business outside of the Jasper townsite please complete this application form:
Resident business licence application form (PDF, 155 KB)

Discretionary use permits for resident businesses in Jasper National Park

The Town of Jasper Land Use Regulations describe all zoning districts in the town of Jasper, including permitted and discretionary uses in each. A discretionary use is a use that is not expressly permitted but may be permitted in a specific zone by going through a public consultation process. (PDAC) Planning and Development Advisory Committee 

Determining whether your business is permitted or discretionary is an important step of the business licence application process. When you submit your online business licence application you must describe the type of goods and/or services that you plan to provide. All discretionary type businesses must receive a discretionary use permit from Parks Canada before the issuance of any business licence (from Parks Canada and/or from the Municipality of Jasper).

Resident business licence application

Submit your business licence application form and the following required documents to or fax to 780-852-1873.

1 A certificate of incorporation or business registration.

2 A certificate of commercial liability insurance (with a minimum of $2 million per incident) that must include "His Majesty, in right of Canada, represented herein by the Minister of the Environment for the purpose of the Parks Canada Agency and Jasper National Park of Canada" in the section additional insured. Please indicate the following certificate holder: Jasper National Park, Box 10 (607 Connaught Drive), Jasper, AB, T0E 1E0).

3 A copy of your sub-lease agreement or written letter of permission from the head lessee (building owner). Upon submitting your sublease agreement Parks Canada will provide ministerial consent. See full list of fees here.  

4 A contractor specializing in a trade must provide a journeyman certificate or other documentation that demonstrates completion of training in specialized work.

5 Workers Compensation Board (WCB) account number.

Note: Parks Canada may request additional information, documentation or applications to be completed, depending on the type of business you are proposing.

Applications are reviewed by Parks Canada to determine licence requirements and ensure that the proposed business conforms to land use regulations and policy. Please ensure that you are familiar with the stipulations that are relevant to your application.


Once your application has been approved a Parks Canada Officer will follow up with you about payment. If you are applying to work in more than one Mountain National Park you are required to pay a separate fee for each park.

Detailed fees list

Other fees may apply depending on the type of service provided

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, debit or credit card at the Parks Canada Administration Office (607 Connaught Drive, west entrance of the train station). You may also call the office at 780-852-6114 to provide your credit card information. Cheques can be made out to the Receiver General for Canada and mailed to the following address:

Parks Canada Administration Office
Jasper National Park
Box 10
Jasper, AB
T0E 1E0

Business licence renewals

Business licence renewals will be processed on or after April 1st of each year. Parks Canada will send a reminder letter in early March with instructions on how to renew your licence.

Changes to your business licence

You will need to inform Parks Canada, in writing, if you make any of the following changes:

  • Transfer to another owner (a new business licence application must be completed by the new owner)
  • Change to business name
  • Change of address or work site location
  • Change to nature of the business
  • Addition to the existing business

If you have questions and would like more information on business licences please contact the Parks Canada Administration Office at 780-852-6114 or by e-mail at

Note: This information is presented as a general guideline of Parks Canada business licence processes and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various codes and regulations currently in effect.

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