Jasper National Park

By collaborating with the following organisations, Jasper National Park is better able to carry out its responsibilities to protect and present this essential part of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. Together with our partners, we ensure Jasper’s amazing landscapes and wildlife will inspire and engage Canadians for generations to come.

We are proud to be working with:

Local Partners

BC Parks-Mount Robson Provincial Park

British Columbia Parks is the provincial agency charged with protecting and presenting British Columbia's world class system of provincial parks and protected areas. BC Parks shares world heritage status for the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site with Parks Canada and is an important partner in conservation of transboundary species at risk. BC Parks collaborates frequently on the management of Mount Robson Provincial Park's natural and cultural resources, management of the Yellowhead Pass National Historic Site and in the recovery of species at risk that are found in both Jasper and Mount Robson.

Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord

Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord

Conseil Scolaire Centre-Nord (Greater North Central Francophone Education Region No.2) is the largest francophone school district in Alberta with 2,500 students attending our 14 francophone – catholic or public – schools in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Jasper, Legal, Red Deer, St. Albert and Wainwright. Parks Canada and Centre-Nord commonly work towards the active engagement of youth by facilitating incredible outdoor based learning experiences, such as those provided by the Palisades Stewardship Education Centre.

fRI Research

fRI Research has been conducting applied research on the cultural, ecological, economic and social values of Alberta’s forested landscape since 1992. fRI Research’s core study area, located in west-central Alberta and covering about 2.75 million hectares, includes Jasper National Park. Over the years, fRI Research and Jasper National Park have worked collaboratively on such projects as grizzly bear research, natural disturbance effects, Yellowhead Ecosystem Land Use Planning, FireSmart and Geographical Information Services. In addition, Park staff sit on several fRI Research management and steering committees to provide input and project oversight. The collaboration between the two agencies has been extremely valuable for both.

Friends of Jasper National Park

Friends of Jasper National Park

Since 1983, the Friends of Jasper National Park Association has been working actively to promote understanding, appreciation and respect for both the natural and cultural history of Jasper National Park. The Friends fulfill this vital role through a wide range of programs, projects and special events that provide opportunities for people to interact with and connect to the national park. Over the years the Friends and the staff of Jasper National Park have collaborated on projects ranging from trail rehabilitation to education programs for students to running a summer bird banding station. The Friends run a park-themed sales outlet in the JNP Information Centre, using the profits to support their core mandate. The Friends’ volunteer program has benefited Jasper National Park immeasurably while at the same time giving the volunteers an amazing, first-hand park experience.

Grande Yellowhead Public School Division

Grand Yellowhead Public School Division

Grande Yellowhead Public School Division (GYPSD), stretching from Jasper National Park, east to Evansburg, and north to the Town of Grande Cache, includes 18 schools, three Learning Connection Centres, approximately 5,000 students, and 600 staff members. GYPSD is a highly innovative, student-centred school division known for its technology-rich programming and curriculum development in place-based education. GYSPD’s contributions to the Palisades Stewardship Education Centre, operated by Jasper National Park, and the Marmot Learning Centre, located in the Ski Marmot Basin mid-mountain chalet, demonstrate their willingness to explore unique opportunities to reach youth through non-classroom based experiential learning. Jasper National Park and the GYPSD are actively working together to create and deliver curriculum courses that connect students to Canada’s protected heritage areas and include Parks Canada messages.

Jasper Skytram

The Jasper Skytram

The Jasper Skytram is one of Jasper National Park's most iconic visitor attractions, operating for more than 50 yrs on the slopes of The Whistlers. Jasper Skytram is partnering with Parks Canada and the Friends of Jasper on The Whistlers summit trails restoration project over the next few years, helping to improve the visitor experience and ecological integrity of the fragile alpine ecosystem found there.

Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society

Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society

The Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society has been an important partner for Jasper National Park for many, many years. The Jasper Museum is a must-visit attraction in the heart of Jasper townsite, with displays covering the exciting and rich cultural history of Jasper and the surrounding region. They also deliver a variety of field trips, outings, presentations and interpretive programs that occur on a year round basis, highlighting the intriguing past that exists throughout the Jasper-Yellowhead corridor from Pocahontas to Tete Jaune Cache. The Jasper Museum also stores, consults on and cares for the National Park's cultural resource collection.

Municipality of Jasper

Located in the heart of Jasper National Park, the Municipality of Jasper is home to 4,500 permanent residents and host to over two million visitors a year. Incorporated in 2001, the Municipality of Jasper is jointly governed by a locally elected Council and by Parks Canada. Our mission is to provide open, honest and accountable government to the residents of Jasper, while working to keep Jasper a small, friendly and sustainable community. Municipal service areas include fire protection, emergency preparedness, recreation facilities, parks, the Jasper Library & Cultural Centre, waste management, roads maintenance, water distribution and collection, community social services and much more.

Ski Marmot Basin

Ski Marmot Basin

Ski Marmot Basin is known for its ski and snowboard instructor training programs as well as a substantial school program reaching several hundred schools and several thousand youth each year with high quality education opportunities. The Marmot Learning Centre, in conjunction with Parks Canada and the Grande Yellowhead Public School Division, offers a technology-rich on-hill classroom where a variety of presentations add relevant educational components to the visitor experience. Together, Ski Marmot and Jasper National Park are working to foster opportunities for youth to engage in lifelong mountain recreation pursuits, in particular winter outdoor activities as appropriate in national parks, and to cultivate stewards for the future of Canada’s protected heritage areas.


tentree has established itself as one of the fastest growing apparel brands in North America over the last 5 years. A large part of this growth can be attributed to an overwhelming response to their mission of planting ten trees for every item sold. As an environmentally progressive brand, tentree has partnered with Parks Canada to plant, protect and raise awareness of the Whitebark Pine across the mountain parks and helping with reforestation efforts as part of the “Bring Back The Boreal” initiative in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Together, the two organizations are influencing youth across Canada to protect the world we play in.

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