Jasper National Park

Restricted Activity: Horse riding in Jasper National Park

Issued: December 30, 2023

Ends: December 31, 2024

Horse Riding in Jasper National Park

Effective dates

January 1 to December 31


Pursuant to 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, the following activities are prohibited by order of the Superintendent:

Horses and horse riding on the following trails and areas within Jasper National Park. They include the walking surface normally identified by a disturbed surface and 5 metres from the centre line on either side of the disturbed area.


1. The following official trails are prohibited from horse use:

  1. Trail 1 from the top of the stairs to the junction with Trail la and Trail 9 (Old Fort Point)
  2. Trail 4c Lake Annette Loop
  3. Trail 4d Lake Annette Loop
  4. Trail 4h Lake Edith Shoreline
  5. Trail 5 and 5a (Whistlers Trail above Fast Tracks junction and Whistlers Summit)
  6. Trail 7 Maligne Canyon Trail from 1st bridge to 5th bridge
  7. Trail 7f from Maligne Canyon parking lot to 2nd bridge
  8. Trail 7h Maligne Canyon Trail between 2nd bridge and 5th bridge
  9. Trail 7i Signal Downhill
  10. Trail 8 Mina-Riley loop from the Cottonwood Slough parking lot to the junction with Trail 8d
  11. Trail 8a
  12. Trail 8c between trail 8 and trail 15
  13. Trail 9a around lakes 2-4 between junctions with Trail 9b, from May 15 through September 15 inclusive
  14. Trail 9c
  15. Trail 10a Flower Trail
  16. Trail 11 Jasper Discovery Trail, except section between junction with trail 8a and Pyramid Bench kiosk, and section between trail 3 and 3e
  17. Trail 13 Bighorn Alley Trail
  18. Trail 17 Pyramid Island Trail
  19. Trail 20 Moose Lake trail between Maligne Lake and junction with route to Maligne Pass
  20. Trail 21 Mary Schaeffer Loop
  21. Trail 22 Opal Hills Trail and Trail 22a
  22. Trail 23 Bald Hills Trail and Trail 23a
  23. Trail 25 Lakeside Stroll Trail (Maligne Lake)
  24. Trail 28 Spirit Island
  25. Trail 30 Sulphur Skyline Trail from junction at Shuey Pass to top of Sulphur Skyline including Trails 100a and 100b
  26. Trail 31 Miette Mine and Trail 32 Miette Upper Loop
  27. Trail 33 Jasper House
  28. Trail 34 Miette Campground and Trail 34a spur to Punchbowl Falls
  29. Trail 35 Source of the Springs Loop - Miette Hotsprings
  30. Trail 41 Path of the Glacier and Trail 42 Cavell Meadows trails
  31. Trail 50 Wilcox Pass and Trail 50a Wilcox Pass Ridge
  32. Trail 51 Parker Ridge
  33. Trail 52 Toe of the Glacier and Trail 53 Forefield Trail
  34. Trail 54 Stanley Falls
  35. Trail 71 Athabasca Falls
  36. Trail 100 Skyline Trail, including the portion of the Curator Trail above the Shovel Pass Backcountry Lodge to the Skyline Junction
  37. Trail 102 Watchtower
  38. Trail 105 Tonquin Valley Loop and all adjacent trails including Trail 106 Chrome Lake, Trail 107 Wates-Gibson Trail, Trail 108, Trail 109 and Eremite Valley.
  39. Trail 115a Moab Lake Spur
  40. Trail 120 Geraldine Lakes
  41. Trail 122 Fryatt Valley
  42. Trail 125 Lower Sunwapta Falls
  43. Trail 131 Jonas Pass
  44. Trail 140 from Miette Hotsprings to Slide Creek campground
  45. Trail 160 Maligne Pass
  46. All park picnic sites accessible by motorized vehicles
  47. All public beach areas at Lakes Edith and Annette and the beaches along Pyramid Beach road

2. Areas off official trails within the Three Valley Confluence are prohibited from horse use. *

* The Three Valley Confluence is defined as:

  • The area from UTM 428181 5876278 (1) along the 1400m elevation band to UTM 436445 5862781(2).
  • Thence in a straight line to UTM 436058 5861350 (3) at bearing 195° along the line connecting Grisette and Signal Mountains.
  • Thence along the 1400m elevation band to UTM 439739 5845231 (4).
  • Thence in a straight line to UTM 434728 5841004 (5) at bearing 230 ° along the line connecting Curator and Edith Cavell Mountains.
  • Thence along the 1400m elevation band to UTM 413178 5857925 (6).
  • Thence in a straight line to UTM 414355 5861212 (7) at bearing 20° along the line connecting Roche Noire and Henry Mountain.
  • Thence along the 1400m elevation band to UTM 424789 5872496 (8).
  • Thence in a straight line to UTM 428181 5876278 (1) at bearing 42° along the line connecting the northernmost peak of the Palisade and Morro Peak.
  • All geographic locations are in NAD83, using UTM zone 11. Elevations are in metres.


To reduce the conflicts between user groups and to protect or improve ecologically sensitive areas in Jasper National Park.


Horse Riding includes riding on, walking along, beside or with a horse or to have a horse, whether it is on a halter, with a saddle or not.

Please see the official trails and permitted uses within Jasper National Park.


Violators may be charged under the Canada National Parks Act: maximum penalty $25 000.

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