Getting around the Banff area

Banff National Park

Roam Public Transit services the Town of Banff, popular Banff Attractions and is the Bow Valley’s public transit service. Everyone visiting Banff National Park must plan ahead. Roam Public Transit can help you reach your destinations in the national park safely and efficiently.

With buses that help you roam around the Town of Banff in an environmentally friendly way, leave your vehicle where it is and take Roam Public Transit to your favourite attractions!

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Banff local routes

 Roam Route 1: Sulphur Mountain
 Roam Route 2: Tunnel Mountain
 Roam Route 3: Canmore/Banff Regional
 Roam Route 4: Cave and Basin
 Roam Route 6: Lake Minnewanka

Banff regional routes

 Roam Route 8x: Lake Louise/ Banff Express
 Roam Route 9: Johnston Canyon
 Roam Route 10: Moraine Lake


For more information on tickets, fares and frequencies please visit Roam Transit

Lake Louise area

Those wishing to visit Lake Louise and Moraine Lake must plan ahead. The Lake Louise lakeshore parking lot fills up before sunrise and remain full until sunset. The Moraine Lake Road is closed to personal vehicles. Taking transit or booking a Parks Canada shuttle is the only way to ensure you see these iconic lakes. Booking your shuttle in advance is required.  Learn more

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