Banff National Park

RESTRICTED ACTIVITY: Golf Course Road Voluntary Travel Restriction

Issued: November 01, 2023

Ends: May 01, 2024

Making Way for Wildlife:
The Golf Course Road is closed to unauthorized vehicle traffic from November 1st to the end of April to protect an important wildlife corridor.

• This road passes through the Rundle wildlife corridor, which is part of a larger corridor network.
• Wolves, cougars and other species use this important corridor.
• Protecting key wildlife corridors provides wildlife with the space they need to survive.

What are wildlife corridors?
Picture the landscape as a mosaic of forest, grassland, rock, ice, and human activity. The most productive habitat for humans and wildlife is within the valley bottom where wildlife habitat can become fragmented. Wildlife corridors provide safe travel routes between patches of high-quality habitat. Minimizing human use within key wildlife corridors during the winter, when deep snow limits wildlife movements at higher elevations, helps wildlife access seasonal foods and sustain their populations.

Wildlife Sightings:
For carnivore sightings such as wolves or cougars, and any wildlife related incidents, call 403-762-1470.

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