How to apply for a permit

Steps to apply for a research and collection permit

Step 1. Download and complete the Project Proposal Form (Microsoft Word document, 311 KB)

Step 2. Gather required documents in a single folder on your computer.

Uploading files from multiple folders will not work.

You will need:

  1. Completed Project Proposal Form (see step 1)
  2. Copies of interim or approved animal care protocols and approval letter from an institutional animal care committee (where applicable)
  3. Additional documents, authorizations, permits and licences may be required for specific locations, you must consult the appropriate research coordinator for details
  4. You may need to submit curriculum vitaes (resumés) for you and/or your collaborators, contact the appropriate research coordinators for details

Step 3. Apply for a Research and Collection Permit

  • You cannot save a partially completed version of this form, you must submit the application as a whole
  • Mandatory fields in this form are marked as “required” and must be completed in order to submit your application

Step 4. Attach the completed Project Proposal Form and supporting documents by using the "Choose files" button

Step 5. Submit the application

If there are any errors in your application, an “error message” will indicate the number of errors and provide links to the associated questions.

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