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Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site

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We rarely head out for an outdoor adventure with the expectation that something will go wrong, and most times everything will go right. However, sometimes the unexpected happens and when it does, it’s important that you are well informed and well prepared to minimise the negative impact of unfortunate circumstances.

For general information on how to stay safe when enjoying the outdoors visit

For important information about staying safe while enjoying Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site please explore the topics below:


Bring sunscreen, sun glasses, hats and water bottles. The rays from the sun especially between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. can be very damaging to your health and skin. Wearing sun-screen, staying in the shade as much as possible, wearing hats and drinking lots of water will help in preventing adverse effects from the sun. For information and weather details visit


Ticks are found in tall grassy areas or wooded areas and drop from leaves or blades of grass onto animals and humans. They are tiny, brownish/red in color and looks like a little beetle. They bite through the skin and attach themselves. Infection from ticks may be harmful.


  • Wear long sleeve shirts and pants. If wearing shorts and short-sleeve shirts check for ticks periodically.
  • Some insect repellents are labelled to repel ticks, however, it is not known how effective this is.
  • Keep out of tall grass and be aware when walking the trails.
  • Don't forget to check your pets. Ticks don't always attach themselves right away and could very easily jump from your pet to you or other members of your group.

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Road Safety

Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site is located beside a busy road. Please use caution when walking or playing near the road and be aware of traffic.


The landscape may contain natural hazards such as gopher holes which are not always obvious to the eye because of the long grass. For these reasons, it is suggested that suitable footwear be worn to protect against discomfort from the terrain.

Big Machinery

Farming equipment is found on the grounds around Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site to enhance your experience of this era in agriculture. Please refrain from playing on the machinery and view safely.


At the end of the Stueck Nature Walk trail there is a lake. Visitors and Xplorers are encouraged to use the dock and nets with caution to observe life in the water. Please enjoy the waters from the shore, refrain from entering the water and drinking from it.

Farm animals

There are live farm animals at Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site. Please approach the animals quietly and handle gently. Refrain from chasing, frightening or teasing the animals. Be sure to wash your hands after touching the animals.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

At Parks Canada, we do our part to make sure you can have a safe visit by assessing the risks, managing hazards, and making sure that safety information is freely available to everyone. You can do your part as visitors by making sure you seek out the information you need to stay safe and make well informed decisions while enjoying these special places. Visit our websites and stop at a visitor center to speak with our employees for the most up to date information. Make sure you are fully prepared for whatever activities you choose to participate in so you can have a safe, enjoyable and memorable visit.

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