Cultural landscape

Batoche National Historic Site

The landscape is generally rolling parkland, containing numerous depressions and brush-filled areas. Trembling aspen is the dominant tree species with some balsam, poplar, birch, and dogwood (red willow) growing near the river. Vegetation used for healing and ceremonial purposes can still be found along the system of hiking trails. Dandelion, juniper, prairie sage, and a profusion of wildflowers abound.

Numerous birds and animals inhabit Batoche. Coyotes are occasionally seen along the river bank as are white-tailed deer. The distinctive calls of soaring red-tailed hawks often compete with the squawks of the feeding pelicans and gulls along the river's edge. As you walk, the bushes will periodically rustle with the sound of ground squirrels, songbirds and rabbits searching for that elusive meal.

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