Visit the lighthouse

Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse National Historic Site

Climb to the top to admire the river in all its splendour! 

The 33-metre tall lighthouse provides a unique perspective on the St. Lawrence River. Nearly unique in Canada, the architecture of the Pointe-au-Père lighthouse is striking with its reinforced concrete tower supported by eight buttresses, its dioptric light and original interior staircase are still intact.

Visit the lighthouse and memorialize yourselves with a portrait!

The following groups are strongly advised against visiting the lighthouse:

  • Children 8 years of age and under, whether accompanied by an adult or not;
  • People with specific medical conditions (heart problems, pressure and balance problems, vertigo or claustrophobia);
  • People who are impaired (alcohol, drugs or other);
  • People whose shoes are not suitable for climbing a ladder.

  • Thank you for your understanding.

    The Parks Canada team

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