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Louis-Joseph Papineau National Historic Site


Exterior view of the house

  The restoration gave back to the house it’s 1830s appearance.    Hotel Bon Secours and Chez Adrien restaurant, 440 Bonsecours St.    View of the backyard before the renovation. 
  A view of the Papineau House from the garden.   Rear view of the house   Fountain in the backyard. Built for Eric D. McLean.
  the wood paneling of the facade has been replaced.    

Inside the house

  A window from the living room of the Papineau house.   Example of woodwork from the noble floor    Plaster cornice at the ceiling of the living room. 
  A double window of the Papineau house.   Knob on the door leading to the carriage entrance, at ground floor.   View of the Papineau-Bruneau’s bedroom.
  Woodwork of windows and doors of the living room.   Plaster cornice at the ceiling of the living room.   A banister in the upper floors.
  Plaster rosette at the ceiling of the bedroom of L.-J. Papineau and his wife Julie Bruneau   Mantel with a fake marble finish,   Eric D. McLean standing beside the fireplace,

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