Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site

Since the 19th century, botanists have been fascinated by the extraordinary vegetation on Grosse Île. The famous Brother Marie-Victorin reported in 1935 “that by its geographical location, Grosse Île is the front of penetration for the estuarial flora in the maritime section and vice-versa.” This location provides interesting ecological conditions for the development of vegetation in this part of the Saint Lawrence.

Many rare plants

The ecological and physical conditions of these habitats result in a rich and Diversified Vegetation of close to 600 species, including 24 plants considered rare in Quebec.

Grosse Île’s rare plants are vulnerable since they are generally found in small communities confined to constricted areas, or grow at the limit of their distribution area. Some rare plants on Grosse Île can be found in wooded areas, such as the male fern. However, the majority of rare plants, such as the Victorin’s gentian, inhabit the shoreline where most of these grow exclusively in the St. Lawrence estuary.

Advice when visiting

To appreciate and preserve this unique vegetation, we encourage you to use the groomed trails and avoid walking in the vegetation along the shoreline and in the woods. This way you can enjoy these wonders of nature without further endangering them.

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