Québec Garrison Club National Historic Site of Canada Management Statement 2018

Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site

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Parks Canada manages one of the world’s most beautiful and vast networks of protected historic sites. Its mandate is to protect and enhance these places for the enjoyment of present and future generations. This management statement describes the approach Parks Canada intends to take and the objectives it has set for the Québec Garrison Club National Historic Site.

The Québec Garrison Club National Historic Site of Canada is located at 97 Saint-Louis Street, in the Historic District of Old Québec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada deemed the Québec Garrison Club a site of national historical significance in June of 1999. This site commemorates the only military club in Canada to uphold the British colonial tradition of social gatherings between military officers and influential members of the civilian society. It is also an integral part of the Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site of Canada due to its association with Québec City’s defence system during the colonial period. The building housed the royal engineers who worked on the temporary citadel and the fortifications at the turn of the 19th century. The structures they built helped shape Old Québec’s current landscape.

The Québec Garrison Club has leased the premises since its foundation by officers of the Canadian militia in 1879.

The site includes the building itself, at the corner of the Côte de la Citadelle, as well as the messenger house in the courtyard, the well house, a shed, a garden, wooded grounds and parking spaces. It also includes numerous archaeological remains of the engineers’ courtyard dating back to the late 18th century and the first half of the 19th.

Still today, the Québec Garrison Club National Historic Site has a country feel due to the courtyard to the south, with its garden and wooded area developed in the late 19th century. The courtyard’s landscape features are in harmony with the site’s use and showcase the work put into this private club over a century ago.

As the owner of the site, Parks Canada contributes to preserving the building and its elements to convey the national historic site’s heritage values. Due to it being a private club, the site is only open to members and their guests.

Management approach

Parks Canada intends to continue applying a management approach that involves maintaining the heritage values unique to the Québec Garrison Club National Historic Site. The site will continue to be a protected heritage place that contributes to Old Québec’s hist0ric character, both as a social phenomenon and due to its buildings and landscaping, which complete the makeup of Québec City’s fortification system.

Parks Canada will take an approach that conveys the heritage values to the site’s occupants and to the general public, thus helping ensure that the cultural resources are respectfully preserved.

Parks Canada will encourage exchanges with the site’s occupants and their board of directors to inform them of the importance of preserving and passing down the value of the landscapes, landscape elements, buildings, archeological remains and artifacts.

Management objectives

Preservation and protection of the site’s built heritage

Parks Canada protects the cultural resources in heritage places in accordance with the Cultural Resource Management Policy and the Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.

Furthermore, Parks Canada contributes to the preservation of the site’s heritage values:

  • Parks Canada and the occupants ensure that the building keeps its strong evocative power by always considering its cultural resources and their related values.
  • The buildings and structures of national historic significance are in stable condition or have been improved.

Conveyance of heritage values

Parks Canada ensures that the heritage values are effectively conveyed, to ensure that visitors can best grasp the significance of the cultural resources:

  • Parks Canada seeks to maintain the Québec Garrison Club’s current vocation, subordinate to the site’s historic values, by fostering dialogue and collaboration.
  • Collaboration procedures are developed with the occupants to convey the site’s heritage values to the public.

Maintenance and improvement of the cultural landscapes

The Québec Garrison Club National Historic Site has a country feel, thanks to work the club has carried out for more than 135 years. This involved developing the wooded area and creating spaces conducive to the social gatherings held at the time. Parks Canada helps ensure that the courtyard’s landscape features continue to be in harmony with the site’s purpose:

  • The identified cultural landscapes are maintained to preserve the site’s commemorative integrity, while taking into account the urban canopy and green space.
  • An inventory of the vegetation and its state of health is taken to maintain the landscape values associated with the national historic site.

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