Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site

Publications are available at the Artillery Park, located at 2, D’Auteuil Street, Québec.

Book: Military History of Quebec City, 1608-2008 brochure

Military History of Quebec City, 1608-2008
Serge Bernier, Jacques Castonguay, André Charbonneau, Yvon Desloges and Larry Ostola, historians

Essential work on a significant, yet often ignored historical aspect of Québec City. The authors are five accomplished historians, specializing in military issues.

With statistical tables, previously unpublished documents, and exceptionally rich iconography, Military History of Quebec City guides readers through 400 years of history, following the life of the capital as it was fortified, besieged, conquered, liberated, and ultimately a source of pride.

Cost: $41.95 (taxes included)

Artillery Park brochure

Artillery Park
By Martin Guay

Published by Éditions Continuité, this easy-to-understand and abundantly illustrated work is an excellent summary of the history of this heritage site.

Cost : $5 (taxes inclused)

Brochure Surroundings of the New Barracks

Surroundings of the New Barracks
Jacques Guimont and Mario Savard, archeologists

The site was occupied for over 250 years. Its history includes that of the earliest fortifications in Québec, military barracks, and the Arsenal's industrial complex. This brochure represents the highlights of five years of intense archeological research.

Cost : $5 (taxes included)

Brochure: The Fortifications of Québec

The Fortifications of Québec
Martin Guay

A brief account of the history of this national historic site. Richly illustrated, this brochure is the ideal tool to help you understand Québec City's defensive system.

Cost: $5 (taxes included)

Brochure Fort no1 at Point Lévy

Fort No. 1 at Point Lévy
Lise Légaré

This richly illustrated brochure brings to life a little-known time in history that marked the beginnings of Canadian Confederation. It retraces the steps in the construction of the fort, which was a veritable open-air laboratory.

Cost: $5 (taxes included)

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