Fort Chambly National Historic Site


  • "Cochon Dingue"

    Screen capture of the educational broadcast Cochon-dingue
    Educational broadcast «Cochon Dingue»

    • Part 1 (French only)
      Discover with Valérie the daily life of the soldiers of Fort Chambly living in the 18th century!
    • Part 2 (French only)
      Valerie learns the rudiments of the soldier's trade and finishes her apprenticeship with a ceremonial shooting.
  • "Les Petits aventuriers"

    Screen capture of the broadcast Les Petits aventuriers
    "Les Petits aventuriers au lieu historique national du Fort-Chambly : les mystères de la contrebande au Fort-Chambly avec Clem et Tuktuk au Québec"

    Clem and Tuktuk take you into the history and mysteries of smuggling at Fort Chambly. (French only)

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