Conservation projects

Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site

The Monarchs' Garden


In collaboration with Espace pour la vie, a monarch garden has been created at Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site. The initiative aims to preserve this endangered butterfly species. One of the main factors in the decline of the monarch butterfly is the lack of space to feed, rest and avoid inclement weather during fall migration.

This butterfly seeks out plants from which it can extract nectar and pollen. To provide a welcoming space for monarchs, the garden contains milkweed, the only plant that caterpillars feed on. There is also purple monarda, which adult monarchs prefer.

Protecting monarchs is essential, not only to prevent their extinction, but also to ensure the diversity of plant species. It is through the foraging of butterflies and other pollinators that pollen can circulate and allow plants to reproduce.

On your next visit, consider taking a moment to relax in the Monarch Garden! Located near the river, away from the busier areas of the site, it offers a unique view of the site. The colorful flowers may even inspire you to plant your own native monarch garden.

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