Chambly Canal National Historic Site

Located in the Richelieu Valley, the Chambly Canal is in the Montreal climatic region, which has one of the mildest climates in Quebec. Broadly speaking, this region includes Saint-Pierre Lake, the Richelieu Valley and the head of Lake Champlain. The climate can be described as damp continental because it displays major temperature variations averaging 30° C. Annual precipitation is over 1 000 mm, with 30 to 40% occurring in summer. This temperate climate is characterized by summers that are not very hot, with an average daily temperature in July of 20° C, and winters that are not very cold, with an average daily temperature in January of-10° C. This region also enjoys the longest frost-free period and the longest sunshine duration.

The Montreal region also has the highest number of growing degree-days. Average accumulated degree days above 5° C define the amount of energy available for the growth of most plants. In the Chambly area, the total number of degree-days varies annually between 1 939 and 2 125. This can result in a specific type of flora because of the favourable growing conditions.

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