The Expo at CARTier-Brébeuf

Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site

Parks Canada is very proud to host once again this year, in partnership with the Laval University art school, an exhibition of works by emerging artists at the Cartier-Brébeuf national historic site. This exhibition will address the theme of the encounter. The artists will be on site Saturday, August 19 from 1 p.m. to meet the public. In case of rain, the meeting will be postponed to the following day at 1 p.m. 

Visit Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site in the summer of 2023 to discover up-and-coming artists in a place where nature and heritage come together.

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What : The Expo at CARTier-Brébeuf. Under the theme of the encounter, discover the artworks of emerging artists in collaboration with the School of Art at Laval University

Date : June 22 to September 4, 2023

Cost : Free

Adress : Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site, 175 rue de l’Espinay (link to Google Maps

Note that this activity is suited for all ages. Families and children are welcome.


The Artists

Sam Leduc 

Die Begegnung zwischen Okkulte und Religion (The meeting between religion and occultism)
Medium used: Photography and photographic montage

Stemming from onorismogenesis, a principle theorized by photographer Sam Leduc consisting of synthesizing dreamlike worlds from concrete visual sources, this photographic work is a metaphysical encounter between the viewer, religion and the occult, in an unexpected trinity.

Marie-Josée Gagné 

Organic abstraction
Medium used: Wax, plaster, paper-mâché, clay, wood, metal and styrofoam

The work "Organic Abstraction" brings out a poetic part in us through its softness, but also awakens our consciousness to a very real environmental issue. Indeed, coral reefs have been reduced by half since the 1950s. This decline of our ecosystems affects us all and leads us to discuss, reflect and position ourselves. It is thus a relevant meeting between art, human beings and their environment.

Julianne Noreau

Medium used: Acrylic

The autumn landscape was the inspiration for the ideas and colours, but it was by observing the textures that the patterns were created. The work evokes the meeting of all these elements through their cohesion, and it allows us to connect with the nature that surrounds us.  

Valérie Barette

"Clitoria ternatea" (Interpretation)
Mediums used: Coloured pencils on paper

This drawing testifies to the meeting between humans and plants that I transport in a chimerical universe to form new entities. Inspired by an existing edible flower, I created a dialogue between it and the tongue, symbol of speech and sensuality.

Idra Labrie 

La Citadelle
Medium used: Ink on Hahnemühle earth paper

Taken from a post-apocalyptic scenario set in a world ravaged and transformed by all of man's actions, this map illustrates the city of Québec, now a "Citadel," transformed into an island by the rising sea level and home to the last inhabitants of the great Wendat region.

Idra Labrie 

The Swedish turnip nest, 2022
Mediums used: Photography (Tomodensitometry)

Intertwining leafy stems surround an ovoid cocoon in a warm nest. What should be hidden is revealed in an unlikely encounter. What rises towards the nourishing light meets dark chaotic secrets. From this gestation could arise something else and yet nothing has yet hatched from this uncertainty.

Juan David Molina 

Here is elsewhere! 
Mediums used: Photography

Here is elsewhere! 
In front of a balcony, on the curb and in the street.
Incongruous meetings in a time of chaos.

A new family is created in the streets of Limoilou.

The meeting is a moment.
A moment of interaction and sharing.

A moment frozen in memory.

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