Carillon Canal National Historic Site

Parks Canada invests more than $50 million over five years in the Carillon Canal National Historic Site. This major investment will make it possible to upgrade numerous structural elements of the waterway, improve the user experience for the 200,000-plus people who visit the site each year, and protect this exceptional heritage site for current and future generations to enjoy.

In addition to this major work, other external site projects will affect the infrastructure of the Carillon Canal as well as its users. On this page, you will find information related to the work that has an impact on users of the path and the banks

Ongoing Work - Plan Your Visit

Heavy mechanical and welding work on the vertical gate at Carillon lock

Period and duration: November 20, 2023 to June 7, 2024

Promoter: Parks Canada

Notice to users: Please remain outside the work site mobilization area.

Carillon Power Plant

Hydroelectric development

The project consists mainly of replacing six of the fourteen generating units and carrying out related work such as correcting the hydraulic crossings, repairing the tracks of the downstream gantry crane, repairing the upstream deck, enlarging the powerhouse's industrial gate, installing a water treatment system, replacing the elevators, building parking areas and refurbishing the roof.

Period: 2021-2027

Proponent: Hydro-Québec

Notice to users: Presence of machinery and specialized equipment in certain designated areas of the Carillon Canal NHS. For more information, contact the Laurentian Info-Projects Line at 1 800 465-1521 p.6022

Carillon Dam

Rehabilitation of the Carillon hydroelectric plant. Replacement of six turbine-generator units and related works.

Period: Spring 2021 to Fall 2027

Work proponent: Hydro-Québec

Notice to users: If you have any questions, please call Hydro-Québec’s Info-Work hotline at 1-877-653-1139.

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