Sick, dead or injured animals at the Carillon Canal

Carillon Canal National Historic Site

During your visit, you may find a sick, dead or injured animal. It is important to recognize the signs and follow these safety guidelines to minimize the animal's stress and avoid the spread of diseases that can be transmitted to pets and humans.

Signs of sick or injured animals

Safety instructions to follow when you find an injured or sick wild animal

What you should do if you come into contact with an injured, sick or dead wild animal

If you or a pet have been bitten, scratched or come in contact with the saliva of a wild animal, whether apparently healthy, sick, injured or dead, you must:

What you should do if you find a dead animal

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If possible, letting nature take its course may be the best option. Indeed, the death of wildlife is an integral part of healthy ecosystems and the survival of some animals depends on the death of others. Thus, a sick, wounded or dead animal will serve as a meal for a predator that can use it to feed its own young and allow them to survive.

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