Facilities and services

Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site

Visitor centre

At the Visitor centre you will find a reception desk, washroom, gift shop, and exhibits. The museum will provide additional insight into the lifestyle at the fort during the early 19th century.  Friendly and knowledgeable staff will greet and orient you to ensure the visit is memorable!

Rains Point Trail

There is quite a story surrounding Rains Point. It was first occupied by a Montréal trading company, the Michilimackinac Company, which erected two large stores and a house there in 1808. The company's financial problems, however, forced it to forego its expansion plans and abandon the site.

Rains Point is named after Major William Rains, who attempted, with his associates, to colonize the island in 1835. The attempt failed, but Rains remained on the island and, in 1837, built a house on Rains Point. In 1849 Major Rains moved to Sterling Bay.

Although remains of the building have long since disappeared, lilacs, rosebushes and grape vines that he planted still thrive today. The 1/2 km trail is a pleasant 25 to 45 minute walk.

Lapointe Point Trail

Prior to the construction of Fort St. Joseph, a temporary fort was constructed in this area. The site is now completely overgrown and would go unnoticed except to the trained eye.

This lovely hiking trail runs for 1.4 km through a majestic maple stand but does not pass near the site. Between 30 and 60 minutes are required to cover the entire trail.

Access for persons with disabilities

Access guides provide information about the services and facilities available to visitors with mobility, hearing and visual disabilities.

Visitor centre / Administration building

  • Accessible parking and approach
  • Power-assisted doors
  • Accessible exhibit area
  • Accessible washroom

Fort and grounds

  • Accessible pathways to fort grounds
  • Accessible picnic area

Rains Point Trail

  • Accessible parking
  • Accessible for 500 m to viewing platform with slopes of up to 8 %

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