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2023 Management plan

Review the management plan for Bellevue House, a document based on consultation with partners and the community.

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Information on acquiring a monthly parking space rental on Centre Street.

Bellevue House renewal

Learn more about the restoration and renewed offer that has taken place at Bellevue house to tell a more inclusive story.

Bellevue House National Historic Site interprets the life and legacy of Canadas first Prime Minister. 

Key management objectives for the next decade is for Bellevue House to be a leader in presenting open and ongoing dialogue on the many perspectives of Canada’s creation. With fully renewed visitor experiences, the site will explore the links between Macdonald and policies that continue to impact Canadians today by crafting big stories that reflect many perspectives.

Today, as the Parks Canada continues work to change the exhibits and visitor experience within the historic Bellevue House, we are engaging to include many perspectives and voices that were otherwise missing related to Macdonald’s legacy. 

While we can’t cover all aspects and every story, we focus in on some key, and significant achievements of Canada’s first Prime Minister sitting along side the significant, and sometimes devastating, intergenerational impacts of those same achievements for many of today’s indigenous and marginalized communities.  

Since 2018, extensive restoration work to the historic house has been completed, a new interpretation plan was created and new exhibits for the historic house are underway.

The renewed house and its exhibits will form a foundation for visitor experiences, but more than that, it will represent a formative change in how stories are shared with the generations to come. When they open in spring 2024, the new experiences offered at the site will empower visitors to consider how we can do things differently, as individuals, and as a society, for future generations. 

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