Culture and history

Wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror National Historic Site

Over one hundred and seventy years ago, British explorer Sir John Franklin and his crew went missing while searching for a Northwest Passage. Over time, Inuit traditional knowledge (Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit) combined with new knowledge and modern technology, led to the discovery of the wreck sites of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Today, there is still much to learn from the story of these shipwrecks.

Inuit culture

Learn about Inuit culture, history, and ongoing involvement in managing the national historic site.

History of the Franklin Expedition

A detailed look at Sir John Franklin’s 1845 expedition in search of a Northwest Passage.

Learn and explore

Meet experts in underwater archaeology, find out about the Franklin Museum Network and explore online resources.


Learn how the shipwrecks were discovered, see photos of artifacts and find out about ongoing exploration and research.

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