Prince of Wales Tower National Historic Site

Historic buildings

Prince of Wales Tower

Prince of Wales Tower was the first of almost 200 towers, including five in the Halifax area, built around the British Empire for coastal defence.

These structures found their inspiration from a small stone tower at Mortella Point on the Corsican coast which had effectively resisted a joint British naval and land attack for several days in 1794.

Though not a prototype for later British towers, which were often built with different features according to their settings, the Prince of Wales Tower did have a long life as an element in the overall Halifax Defence Complex.


Roof rehabilitation

In 2016, Parks Canada undertook a roofing project at Prince of Wales Tower National Historic Site. Regular assessment and monitoring of the structure had shown water infiltration to be a problem along the roofline and around the windows. The objective of this project was to install a new protective roof and windows to address the water infiltration and prevent further deterioration.

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