Come Fly a Kite!

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

Build a kite that’s yours to keep in the Discover area! The high ceiling and large windows in this open, accessible space are inspired by Bell’s own experiments with kites: what better place to let your imagination take flight! With their grassy slopes and terraces connected by paved pathways, the grounds overlooking sparkling Baddeck Bay are the perfect place to fly a kite, whether you're young or simply young at heart. Get creative with your souvenir kite and decorate it with memories from your day at Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site…or however you like!

Bell invented the tetrahedral kite, and experimented with the shape while working towards his goal of powered flight. You can see examples of these amazing designs throughout the museum. The exterior architecture of the building is also inspired by this unique shape.

Curiosity and playfulness are key ingredients in innovation and discovery. How will you be inspired after visiting Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site? 

July 1 to August 31
Every second day (alternating days with the Tetra Kite Workshop)

Contact 902-295-2069 or for availability.

3:30 pm
30 minutes
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