Safety and guidelines

Signal Hill National Historic Site

Safety is everyone's responsibility. At Parks Canada, we do our part to make sure you can have a safe visit by assessing the risks, managing hazards, and making sure that safety information is freely available to everyone. You can do your part by seeking out the information you need to stay safe and make well informed decisions while enjoying Signal Hill National Historic Site. Make sure you are fully prepared for whatever activities you choose to participate in so you can have a safe, enjoyable and memorable visit.

Explore Signal Hill, safely!

The terrain of Signal Hill National Historic Site of Canada varies greatly. High winds and irregular footing make for a dangerous combination when visitors stray from the designated hiking trails. Though Park Staff are on site and monitor visitor behavior, visitors must also exercise caution and responsibility for their own safety. Do not venture too close to the edge of cliffs, scale rock faces, or climb or sit on wall ledges.

Emergency contacts:

    Dial 9-1-1

    Parks Canada has 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Centres that receive reports and assist in the management of safety, wildlife, law enforcement or wildfire incidents.

    • 1-877-852-3100
    • 1-709-533-6090

    Other emergency contacts:

    • Police Department: 1-709-729-8000
    • Fire Department: 1-709-722-1234

    Note that cell coverage may be limited in some areas of the site. 

If you have any safety issues while on site please call the Visitor Centre : 1-709-772-5367

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