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Ryan Premises National Historic Site


  • Schedule: June to October, during operating hours.
  • Cost: Included in site admission fee.
  • Location: Begins at the Orientation Centre (Building #2) and ends in the exhibit space (Building #3).

Beginning in the Orientation Centre, the Ryan Premises' features "Cod, Seals and Survivors", an indoor, interpretive exhibit recognized by the National Association for Interpretation. This exhibit will take you back into the days of the international cod trade.

Journey through 500 years of fishing history including the inshore, international, and Labrador cod fisheries. Gain insights through interactive and multi-media displays, and hands-on activities such as tackling the basics of “fish-splitting”.

Discover ocean ecology and the remarkable, humble cod that for centuries attracted fishermen from around the world to Atlantic Canada, and see how Newfoundlanders and Labradorians developed a unique culture around the central role that cod and seals played in their lives.

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