Castle Hill National Historic Site

Strikingly set on a seaside bluff overlooking the town of Placentia, Castle Hill National Historic site is a link to Newfoundland’s British and French colonial heritage and a scenic backdrop in which to explore the 17th and 18th centuries, when these two superpowers fought for control of North America.

First fortified in 1693, the grounds of Castle Hill are today home to ruins of Fort Royal’s earthworks, stone walls and artillery batteries as well as six smoothbore cannons. Thousands of authentic artefacts have been unearthed onsite—cannon balls, fishhooks, tools, ceramics and more. Interactive exhibits at the Visitor Centre further unveil Castle Hill’s war-torn history.

Harbour views from alongside a cannon illuminate the role of Castle Hill’s defenses, scenic hiking trails traverse a cliffside spruce forest and the remnants of fortifications and skirmish-sites guide guests through the rich history of this impressive, battle-hardened military installation.

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