Full Spotlight on l’Acadie

Monument-Lefebvre National Historic Site

In the spirit of Father Camille Lefebvre, who was one of the main actors of the Acadian Renaissance, join your guide on a personalized tour of the Monument-Lefebvre to get a powerful account of the Acadian people’s struggles and their dramatic cultural resurgence.

You’ll learn why Father Lefebvre holds such a special place in the hearts and minds of Acadians, and of the heroic struggle by Acadian citizens to keep the Monument-Lefebvre alive in the 1980s.

Your personalized visit includes an engaging tour of the exhibit, “Reflections of a Journey – The Odyssey of the Acadian People.” You’ll discover the secret nooks and hidden corners of the 19th century heritage building, and go backstage to visit the theatre, famed for its exceptional acoustics.

You’ll get insight into the defining moments of the Acadian people who overcame the adversity of Deportation (1755-1762) from the area known as Acadie. You’ll discover how in the 19th century, the Acadian Renaissance ignited a remarkable cultural, social and economic transformation still very much alive in contemporary Acadian culture.

Your journey into l’Acadie will leave you inspired by a passionate people expressing their pride in music, literature, song and noisy Tintamarre!

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