Interpretive Island Tours

Boishébert and Beaubears Island Shipbuilding National Historic Sites

Interpretive island tours and boat charter services are available July and August at Ritchie Wharf in Miramichi and from the Friends of Beaubears Island Inc. Interpretive Center. For more information regarding departure times and costs: Friends of Beaubears Island Inc. - 506‑622‑8526.

The island was presented to the citizens of Canada and others as a gift so they would find "relaxation and enjoy peace and solitude". Take advantage of this historic site to walk the trail in the old growth Acadian forest that predates the Deportation. Enjoy a picnic with friends and family. View the 1893 Mormon Tomb for Joseph Russell's seven children.. Experience a guided tour of the island with historically costumed guides who will bring history alive.

Take a tour through time and interact with lively historic characters on Beaubears Island and Wilson’s Point

Colourful characters from centuries long past are alive and well on Wilson’s Point and Beaubears Island—depart by boat from the Beaubears Island Interpretive Centre in Nelson and let captivating stories from energetic re-creationists carry you away. Guided through old-growth Acadian woodland, you’ll meet Acadian settlers who relay tales of tragedy from their forced relocation—a significant event that fostered the island’s National Historic Site designation.

Chat with Marquis Charles Deschamps de Boishébert, the French-Canadian commander who led the Acadians to this refuge. Continue through the pine forest to hear inspiring tales from faithful inhabitants; mingle with settlers and fur traders roaming the woodland; laugh along with Cletus the Lumberjack. Everyone you interact with on Wilson’s Point and Beaubears Island is dressed in authentic apparel and happy to converse with their welcome guests. Come and contemplate the tapestry woven by these rich Atlantic tales.

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