Threats to black bears

Black bear populations are being depleted as a result of habitat destruction, over-hunting, international trade and human ignorance. Solutions to help ensure the viability of bear populations include:

  • coordinated land-use planning to manage increased development pressures from logging, mining and agriculture that have destroyed bear habitat
  • increased cooperation among agencies and regulated hunting are required to prevent over-hunting
  • legislation at federal and provincial/territorial levels, and support through law enforcement agencies, to control illegal trade
  • proper food storage, garbage containment and collection, and land-filling practices to reduce the likelihood of food-conditioning.
How you can help

Do your part to limit human impact on wildlife and help ensure that future generations have the opportunity to see wildlife that are truly "wild".

  • If you spot a bear on the side of the road, consider not stopping.
  • Bear-proof your campsite and keep it attractant-free.
  • Before hiking, think about what bears are doing and how you can give them room.
  • Use only official trails and leave wildlife trails to wildlife.
  • Respect temporary and seasonal closures.

Remember that conservation isn't just about bears; it's about protecting the whole ecosystem. Wild spaces and wilderness values can survive as long as we strive to be stewards, not consumers, of wildness.

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