New learning centre to draw visitors into Fundy's ecoscape

Fundy National Park of Canada steps up its ecological integrity education programming in stewardship, conservation and science

Parks Canada takes its mandate of ensuring the integrity of the natural places in its care very seriously. It also strives to inspire the many visitors to national parks and to instil in them a sense of ownership and a personal stake in protecting these wild spaces.

At Fundy National Park, a new Ecological Integrity (EI) Learning Centre is in the works. This new centre will increase visitors' awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural world of the park and beyond. As a key component of the park's enhanced EI Education Project, the Centre will boost the staff's ability to engage visitors in ecology and conservation by showcasing the full range of Fundy's ecoscape. Visitors will become more knowledgeable about the environmental stewardship, conservation and scientific efforts currently taking place at Fundy and nationwide, such as:

  • reintroducing and monitoring the inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon;
  • restoring and naturalizing disturbed areas; and
  • monitoring park ecosystems.

New interpretive stations located throughout the park will enhance visitors. learning experiences by "decoding" aspects of the park for visitors even as they see and experience them.

Support for this important Maritime initiative comes from Fundy National Park, the Atlantic Service Centre and the Fundy Guild, a registered non-profit association and park partner. Fundy's EI Education Project is in its initial planning phase with a completion date set for the summer of 2007.

Interpreter with children on beach
Interpreter with children on beach
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