Yoho National Park

Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative graphic

Yoho National Park: A steady beetle population

Map of Yoho National Park highlighting Hoodoo Creek, MacArthur Creek, Beaverfoot River and Kicking Horse River


Yoho quick facts:

  • The first beetle outbreaks occurred in 1930s.
  • Major increases occurred in the Beaverfoot River to west gate area, along with an increasing number of spot colonizations recorded northward along the Kicking Horse River toward Porcupine Creek.

In Yoho, current populations are concentrated on Mount Burgess, at the west end of the park (Hoodoo Creek, near the west gate and along the Beaver Foot River) and in the MacArthur Creek area (Ottertail River, near Float Creek). Until recently, the Yoho populations were seen as small, although growing.

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What is a hectare?
1 hectare = 100 metres x 100 metres
1 hectare = 2.47 acres
1 hectare = Approximately 2 football fields (side by side)
100 hectares = 1 square kilometre

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